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AZURE_logo_BLK_TWe represent a fast-growing technology company looking for self-employed goal driven, hungry Sales & People Development Managers, with an entrepreneurial mindset, strong willed and a can-do attitude “Is this you”

So, where are you currently?

  •  Sick and tired of your 9 to 5 job and spending your entire life working for others’ dreams but not sure what you can do to escape the corporate grind and have a lifestyle you want?
  • Enjoying your career and getting paid very well, but a prisoner of time and unable to spend more time with the people you love and care about?
  • Already a business owner, but the business owns you or is you simply running an adult day care for your employees?
  • An entrepreneur at heart interested in starting a business but don’t know the fastest (legal and ethical) options to achieve financial independence and success?

No matter which category you may fall into, I want to take this opportunity to share our business that with hard work commitment will deliver the changes you may be looking for.

We’ll give you the opportunity to build an income you want:


Target Earnings: (Self-employed commission only positions) $10,000 to $er montho cap

The opportunity 

To build awareness of both our products and business model, in the following key countries


UK, Europe, USA, Asia, India, Australia, and South Africa

The strategy behind our business is focused on our people; with personal development taking key priority, we understand every individual has his or her own pace of taking on new skill set, so you set your own pace regarding how far you wish to take this opportunity and how much you earn.

2017 is seeing double-digit growth in the 195 countries we operate in so putting the right individuals in the right position is vital. We have helped many individuals from different backgrounds transfer their own skill sets to our industry and that's because they have the right attitude to embrace change.


This is a major opportunity for those individuals who are willing to turn the rest of 2017 into great foundation months in line with the company’s new products coming on board. In return making 2018 an inspiring and career rewarding year, it will not be an easy task but hard work will be residual for those who plug in and commit to the company goals and structure. These positions can be in lined with your current commitments/


The Company


We represent one of the most innovative growing technological companies, that has just launched a revolutionary product that will change the whole wearable technology market.

The founder brought on of the first touch-screen computer to the market, it’s on the stock share USA financial markets, an AAA company along with technology shared projects and products with Toshiba.


The company has 15 worldwide offices operating in 195 countries, with targeted growth set to be a $2billion company for 2020.


Is this for you? 

Applying: Please view this 3 minutes overview 

If you wish to move forward please contact us Quoting Reference 26A2017BJ, which will allow us to book a 3-way online call along will letting us now best time to call within the next 24-72 hours