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Full stack developer

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Amano is looking for a flexible and dynamic software developer to join our team.

We develop our own products in the Time & Attendance and Parking System fields. Therefore the creativity and implication from you is more than welcome. All parties (development, testing, sales, support teams, distributors) are actively providing input and contributes to product development fighting constructively for own ideas. Open communication, flexibility, being open-minded and sharing ideas are key elements in our daily job. You will be involved actively in many or learn about phases of software product

We offer support from our office to our international distributors customers located in Europe, Africa and Australia. Therefore when required and first line support teams cannot find a solution, you will connect remotely by TeamViewer to customers to fix reported problems, gather additional information about an issue or help with installation and other aspects. This will help us understand the real needs and problems of end customers and improve our software.

We do continuously new developments on our software products - the maintenance (bug fixing, etc) is just a small part of our job. Our strategy is to focus more and more on cloud solutions/services and mobile applications which adds extra challenges to what we do both commercially and technically.

We work mainly with Visual Studio/.NET/C# for server side, SQL Server for database side, ExtJs, JQuery and Sencha Touch for web client side. An important area is the mobile native applications development for which we use Sencha Touch, Sencha Architect, Eclipse, Cordova and Android Studio. We develop for both iOS and Android.

We also do embedded development for WinCE (C++) and Android OS.

You will be involved in any of these where you fit better and can contribute - you don't need to know all of these from the beginning, you will have time to learn and find your way.

If you like it and think you can be part of this challenge please give us a sign and we'll invite you to a face to face meeting.

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  • Which is the technology (programming language, platform, etc) you are most experienced in? How much time did you work on this technology?