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600 - 1000 €

Bár az álláhirdetés inaktív, önéletrajzodat elküldheted a munkaadónak

We are an engineering company working with foreign customers (steel industries, cement plants, ports, etWe are committed to providing the customer with the highest quality of products. Throughout the duration of the project, we remain in contact with the company to cooperate and ensure the final drawings are according to their

The candidate shall use Inventor at professional level and shall have a degree in mechanical engineering.

He/she shall respect delivery time of each project and collaborate with the working team to achieve the final

He/she shall speak English fluently. Italian language could be a preferred condition,

The salary will be adequate at his/her level of capabilities. Bonuses can be offered for specific projects results.

The candidate shall work from home, be constantly in contact with collegues (phone, skype), meet collegues when needed.