Thibaud Peverelli EI

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Paris, France


We are an European technology company creating innovative IT solutions to modern problems. We support forward thinking companies since 2016.

Our customers range from multinational organizations to one guy start-ups. We are technical people at heart and we strive to bring quality and innovation in all our projects. Long-term oriented, we understand that building trust with our customers is the only key to achieve productivity, efficiency & quality.

Working both with large companies and start-ups allows us to take the better from the two worlds. We are flexible, yet we have a strong QA process and scalability to address all types of requests.

Incorporating a French and a Romanian agency and working with dedicated professionals and passionate people from different countries and continents, we are able to cover all requests, ranging from punctual technology expertise needs to working as an outsourced full-service center operations.

" In all my projects, innovation has been the engine, with the aim of creating more engaging user experiences and more efficient workflows. With Napal Innovation, we strive to bring technological and functional excellence, but also to convey our vision of innovation to our customers and partners."

Thibaud Peverelli CEO Napal Innovation

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