My projects

Other projects (Bucharest, Romania)

November, 2002 - November, 2002

Developed 3D Graphics applications, AI-ComputerVision, and applications on combinatorial and formal language theory + other utilities .
Studied arhitecture of Windows 95 OS(interruptions, DPMI specification functions, IOCTL interface, TSR / DxV drivers, FAT16/32, Broadcast interface API functions using the BIOS level, BIOS interruptions (for sectors, tracks, heads, logical sectors, clusters)
Developed an application for ANIMMC (The National Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises), a Romanian government institution.
GEONET and BLOMINFO cartography/geodesics - Software management staff allowances.
APARATAJ Titu - Wizard Software to export a wage information from an internal accounting software used internally in a general format required by the Labor Inspectorate.
AGROSTAR unions/organizations - Software used for management activity.
Created the sites , , , etc
Volunteering: three volunteer programs, involving educational activities for orphans and for poor children in Namibia. Also in Ploiesti at “Bethezda” school.