Graphics Software Engineer

INTEL Corporation (Bucharest, Romania)

March, 2013 - January, 2017

1. Google chromium project (Chrome browser and ChromeOS) focused on graphics stack.
- Patent submission with title: A Fast Multi-Task Real-time Scheduling Algorithm.
2. Intel graphics open source drivers (OPEN GL, GLES, EGL 3D mesa/drm/dri drivers). Linux kernel/driver debugging.
-deep understood anti-aliasing algorithms (CMAA, SMAA/MLAA).
3. Android graphics stack (hardware composer driver).
4. In my spare time I developed a plain http web server using C# and I also I worked on a printer management monitor - research project.
5. From 2017 :
Starting business with my own company TOYO IT BUILD
Working for computer vision/image processing/machine learning projects.
- Image Enhancement for better OCR results .
- Controls detection on print screen images.
- Image/template matching/trademark matching
-power and speed improvement on cryptocurrency mining software for other client.