TEAM LEAD - IMAGE PROCESSING – full time contract

INTEL Corporation(Movidius) (Timișoara, Romania)

August, 2010 - March, 2011

Researcher and developer in 3D-image processing fields.
Lead a team of 4 members.
The prototypes (algorithm model) that have been proved on PC are implemented on embedded device (DSP, ARM).
As result of my work now I am owner of Patent Pending.
Given images (a pair) taken from two cameras at points A and B, with parallel axes, where we know the approximate distances between the two cameras.
1. Find a kind of solution for detect angle and zoom for a pair of images. For this I wrote an algorithm that is in a stage of Patent Pending. It already bypass patent office managers gate.
2. Produce a new virtual image that is taken from a camera located on a line between A and B.
3. Analyze a better solution for color correction/calibration in video stream.
The keywords of projects are: Stereo alignment; stereo matching; false positive match; stereoscopic view; Epipolar geometry.