Contractor Software Developer & Engineer

LMS Brasov, Payzone and IXIA Bucuresti (Bucharest, Romania)

January, 2009 - August, 2010

The company' software profile including structural integrity, system dynamics, handling, safety, reliability, comfort and sound quality for automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries.
Created new automation (COM) interfaces for 1D-3D structure simulation module. It supposed interaction with C++, COM design pattern technology in creating interfaces and CATIA framework-engine created by DASSAULT.

Developed the following:
1. POS Terminal simulator for loading electronic bill payment and mobile cards (C /C++ Windows and Unix/CentOS).
2. Update transaction server for electronic bills payment (C/C++, PostgreSQL, Unix/ CentOS) .
3. Pin migration application for 40 mobile operators (C/C++, PostgreSQL, Windows).
4. A new version of terminal software for PC (C#/Linux/Ubuntu).
It involve notions of encryption/decryption, terminal protocols (EBCD, BCD, MAC), Format conversions, design C/C++, C#.

Creating protocols stack plug-ins for 3G (GTP) and 4G(LTE) used on testing last generation telecommunication equipment. Embeded/PC with Linux and Windows(C/C++/C#).