Senior software developer

SOFT-NET (eServGlobalTelecom), Bucuresti (Bucharest, Romania)

February, 2005 - January, 2007

Contribution to the development and maintenance of a major modules component of medium scale server-side, in Mobile telephony services for Egypt operators (Mobinil) project.
Software developed using C++/Informix on Solaris UNIX platform (Sparc).
Utilization of the platforms: BPM - batch platform modules, PSI - aggregates computing modules, SDP - service data point modules.

Responsibilities: coding of new modules/features, write technical specification.
Maintenance: analyzing and solving issues reported by customers, detection of scenarios that reproduced problems from field, code review, documenting of the code, writing documents for test team - test plan document, unitary testing, cooperation with specification and requirements teams.
Production of optimizations and code refectory in order to solve customer issues and improve product performance, contributed to the training of newcomer developers.