Frequently asked questions

Are BestJobs services free?
The services offered by BestJobs to applicants: job search, job alerts and CV submitting are free.

How can I register?
In order to register, access . Click `Register` on the open page. Connect with your Facebook or Google account, or fill in the form and then click `Register`.

According to which criteria email alerts are sent?
The tags from 'Desired Jobs' section and searches on BestJobs are taken into account when sending alerts with the latest jobs by email. We are constantly improving our matching algorithm, so we recommend you to contact us on for more details.

How do I apply for a job on BestJobs?
Click on the job title that interests you and in the page that opens you will find job description. Then click on the `Apply` button. If you found the job on the website (not signed into your account) by activating the `Apply` button you will have to sign in with your email and password.

How can I reset my account's password?
Go to the next link and fill in the email or phone number with which you created your account on BestJobs By email you will receive a password reset link or an access code if you choose to reset your password with your phone number.

How can I deactivate my BestJobs account?
You can choose to deactivate your account or put your CV status in 'Private' mode. You can deactivate your account from settings-> select the reason> deactivate. By deactivating your account, you can no longer apply, you will no longer receive alerts with new jobs by email and you will not be found in database searches. By choosing '' Private '' you will no longer be in search results, but you can keep active alerts and continue to apply to jobs you want.

When I want to create a new account/ to log in to my account, the message 'this phone number is already used in another account' appears.
On BestJobs all registered phone numbers must be unique. You may have an older account with the same phone number. Please send us the phone number you want to use at

How do I fill in my CV?
The first step is to fill in your personal details: first name, last name, phone, date of birth, gender and home address. Once you have completed all this information, click the 'Save' button. After completing this step, the 'Experience' and 'Education' fields will appear on the right side.

How do I fill in my resume in a foreign language?
Select next to each description in the 'Experience' and 'Education' sections, the flag corresponding to the language in which you want to fill in your CV. Then click the 'Save' button.

How do I upload my cover letter?
You have the possibility to add to your CV any document you want, the maximum limit is 10 Mb. Upload a cover letter, a recommendation, a portfolio that you are proud of, or any other document you think would provide more suitable information regarding your application.

How do I download my CV in a foreign language?
Saving your CV in a foreign language is done by changing the language of the site. In the bottom of the page choose the language you want and then save your resume.

How can I contact the employer?
By applying to a job, the employer receives your CV and if you meet the requirements you will be contacted.

How do I send my CV completed in a foreign language to an employer?
When you apply for a job, the employer has access to your CV in each language you filled it in.

I updated my CV after I applied to a job. How can I inform the employer?
Any changes made to the CV after applying to a job, are also updated in the employer account who received it.

If my resume was viewed, why wasn't I contacted?
The fact that your CV has been viewed does not guarantee that you will also be contacted for an interview. When your CV has the 'Interview' status, the chances of being contacted are much higher. You can upload a picture, add links to your personal/professional profile or attach documents which can help you stand out.

How do I delete an application to a job?
The company you applied to is notified in real-time by email, and this makes an application impossible to be deleted. In case you are contacted, we recommend you to inform the company that you have applied by mistake. Stay optimistic, you don't know when a small mistake can lead to a benefit.

How do I reactivate my account on BestJobs?
You can reactivate your account by simply logging in with your email/ phone and then click the 'Reactivate' button.

Why do I see results with jobs in other locations when I'm searching for jobs from a certain location?
Even if the job address is not the one you are searching for, it means that the employer is looking for applicants from your location too. This information can be seen in the job description.