Job Address(es)

Gross salary / month

2000 - 2500 €

Firebyte Games is a mobile game development studio in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We focus on strategy games for mobile and tablet devices. Our mission is to develop games that we are passionate about and that people will play for a long time. We wish that everyone who encounters our games to have the same level of fun that we had developing it.

Skills You Will Need To Work With Us: 

Excellent knowledge of Unity3D, including experience with scripting, materials/shaders, and Unity GUI
Expert knowledge of Unity3D Pro including building asset bundles
Strong knowledge of object-oriented design, design patterns, 3D Math, and data structures
Strong knowledge of C# and the .net framework or above
Strong knowledge of navmesh experience
Strong knowledge of AI behavior tree experience

Preferred Skills:
Have shipped at least one Unity3D application to the App Store
Experience optimizing memory and space usage for Unity3D applications
Proficient knowledge of Git