Senior Technical Support Engineer - Telecom Apps

Career level

Entry (0-2 years), Middle (2-5 years), Senior (5-10 years)

Spoken languages


This job is inactive, but you can still send your resume to the company

Our Support Teams are part of Global Customer Support and they are spread globally:
support in US, Romania, India.

A Technical Support Engineer is responsible for maintenance and support of system
components for the Oracle CGBU product range (smart communication and Value
Added Services for telecommunications service providers operating on all generation

The Technical Support Engineer provides technical support and is knowledgeable in
Oracle software utilisation and platforms (hardware/OS/database). 

The Engineer is able to work independently with problem analysis and in implementing workarounds through proper observance of Support standards and conventions.

The Technical Support Engineer has good communication skills, and maintains
contact with Customers and their representatives while diagnosing and fixing faults.

They also maintain communication with other Oracle Support Teams – including HUB
and Sustaining Support (provided by Oracle Engineering grou

The experienced Engineer is also expected to guide less experienced team members in the process and practice used within the Support team.

Under the direction of their local Support Manager (or local Team Lead), Technical Support Engineers are responsible for analysing Incidents, restoring Platforms and assisting Engineering Teams to resolve Incidents for components and solutions in the Oracle CGBU product range.

Duties and Responsibilities
The responsibilities and goals of the job are as follows:
• Customer Support
o Learn existing Oracle Products and Services and/or other Oracle components which may form part of
the solution.
o Analyse, diagnose, and provide workarounds until the fix can be supplied to the customer.
o Be available for flexible hours by negotiation to fix important issues.
o Adhere to company and department policies and procedures
• Problem Analysis and Follow-Up
o Gather the necessary information for the Sustaining Support teams to resolve a problem.
o Respond to customers questions.
o Follow the status of a Problem ticket and make sure that assigned ones are updated.
o Assist and advise the Support Manager, Account Manager and/or other support stakeholders as required.
• Project Handover Work
o Manage time scales (milestones and deadlines) for the handover of projects and go-life to the Support Team(s) as required.
o Highlight, escalate and assist in the resolution of issues and problems.
o Keep all stakeholders informed of progress and/or issues.
• Teamwork
o Self-managing, takes initiative and is pro-active in everything they do.
o Assist all support team staff as required in order to meet deadlines and Oracle Customer support priorities.
o Participate in the upskilling and training of colleagues and new staff.
o Provide support and encouragement to other team members.
o Establish an excellent creative design environment.
o Continually focus on improvement.
• Customer Service
o Establish and maintain trust with the customer at all times.
o Communicate with the customer as required.
o Provide technical assistance to the customer as required..
o Identify opportunities to involve the customer in the software design process.
o Address customer complaints and dissatisfaction as required.
o Identify and manage customer expectations as required.
o Identify tasks requested by the customer that do not fit in the maintenance scope and initiate change requests accordingly.
• On-Call
o Technical Support Engineers share the on-call responsibility for Customer Support.
o Frequency that Support team members are expected to carry and respond to the 24/7 support phone
depends on the business need and size of the team
• Other
All other tasks and responsibilities reasonably required
Essential Skills and Experience

Knowledge and Experience:

Experienced in, or has shown an interest in, the Information Technology industry, preferably Telecommunications.

Ability to quickly gain a working knowledge of the Telecom billing and rating engine architecture.

Knowledge of the following protocols - Diameter – mandatory, SIP – an advantage

Protocol debugging using Wire-shark

Skilled in Unix (Linux/Solaris) and with knowledge of databases (Oracle in particular).

Knowledge of Networking protocols (TCP/IP).

Understanding of the software development life-cycle.