Job details

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Sales Account Manager

Career level
No experience, Entry (0-2 years), Middle (2-5 years)
Employment type
Full time
Spoken languages
English - Advanced
Monthly net salary
600 - 700 €
Number of vacancies



  1. Department: Marketing
  2. Job definition: Account Manager
  3. Employee’s name:
  4. Direct Reporting:
  5. Supervisor’s name:
  6. Authority signature:
  7. Functional relationships: issue procedures and processual instructions for successful implementation of marketing events
  8. Junior position - no experience needed
  9. Education and Experience:
  • University degree
  • Experience in field: not mandatory
  • Specific knowledge:
      • PC Command
      • Multimedia, social-media, online advertising, e-mail
      • Advanced English
      • Customer Service
      • Full Cycle Management of Marketing events
      • Reporting (preparation of reports)
  • Skills and aptitudes:
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Processing and analysis of numeric data using digital tools
  • Synthetic and analytical thinking
  • Organizational skills
  1. Autonomy:
  • Research on matters related to marketing through office activities; Makes use of available equipment/ tools/ PCs.


  1. Tasks and duties:

-General tasks:

  • Administers the assigned client portfolio
  • Liaises (using Skype, Slack, e-mail) with clients and suppliers
  • Manages and maintains partnerships with digital suppliers
  • Monitors and evaluates ongoing digital activities
  • Monitors traffic and inputs data for building periodical statistics/ reports (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Creates daily work reports (using available tool Tello)
  • Plans, monitors and assesses the marketing campaign efficiency
  • Ensures the marketing services delivery in due time and in accordance with clients’ needs and aims;
  • Issues promotion/ advertising proposals to direct supervisors and ensures the timeline accomplishments;
  •  Fulfills any task assigned by direct supervisor, in line with law provisions and job definition;


  • Related to work ethic and discipline, the employee is accountable for:
  • Continuous professional development and upgrading to current marketing benchmarking
  • Ensuring confidentiality and prevent disclosure of any information or document of the company
  • The use of material resources exclusively for work related purposes
  • Positive conduct as promoting the company’s image and interests;
  • Adhesion to professional, appropriate, neat work ethic;
  • Active Involvement in solving crisis situation which may affect the company’


  • Specific Tasks:
  • Receives offers from clients and places them for validation on the internal platform    (Drogon)
  • Verifies the flux of posted offers (if the offers reach the targeted app)
  • Received and manages push requests
  • Daily checks the top offers and the last seven days statistics
  • In case of traffic/ feeds decrease, seeks for remedial measures (compares past              offers, bring up new ideas to increase company’s success)
  • Verify the daily conversion rate