Job details

Quality Assurance Specialist - Italian

Career level
Entry (0-2 years), Middle (2-5 years), Senior (5-10 years)
Employment type
Full time
Spoken languages
Italian - Advanced , English - Advanced
* all languages are compulsory
Hiring candidates willing to relocate
Number of vacancies

Main missions:

  • Supports the Delivery Manager/ Team Leader in implementing and monitoring the compliance of the team members with the EVERIENCE Service Desk Core Principles.
  • Also ensures that instructions are being followed within the teams (escalation instructions or ticket entry instructions).
  • Organizes and carries out Quality controls for the designated projects
  • Identifies and proposes individual improvement suggestions for all team members and also shares them with the Delivery Manager/ Team Leader
  • Acts as a reinforcement backup on the projects.

What you will do:

  • Performs quality controls for the designated team in agreement with his management (frequency, items to be checked, priority employees) and while coordinating with the production supervision actions of the Team Leaders.·       
  • Performs shadow listening/interventions with all team members using the EVERIENCE control grids and in compliance with HR rules.·       
  • Analyzes tickets created/handled by the team members according to the defined Quality criteria (EVERIENCE tools).·       
  • Prepares a document that will be used for debriefing with each Employee, reporting the elements that were mastered and the areas that need improvement.·       
  • Shares his conclusions with the Delivery Manager/ Team Leader(s) and suggests actions to be initiated for each member of the team.·       
  • Participates to individual debriefing (led by the Delivery Manager and/or with the Team Leader) with each Employee.·       
  • Individually monitoring for each Employee with regards to their progress actions and measures them according to a deadline defined in the action plan.·       
  • Presents a summary of its findings and actions to the Excellence Factory-QM interlocutor in order to guarantee a homogeneous application of the Transversal Continuous Improvement processes of the Service and/ in order to help identify global areas that could be the subject of an EF action.·       
  • Prepares reports related to the level of the Quality of service within the team, in collaboration with the Excellence Factory-QM interlocutor and the Delivery Manager/ Team Leader of the service, ·       
  • Presents to the team members, supported by the Team Leader, the monthly report of Quality level within the service as well as the corresponding action plan.·       
  • Takes part in delivering the service according to the assigned tasks (taking calls, processing chats and emails, BO tasks, processing the backlog, user callbacks)

In order to carry out his mission and achieve the stated objectives, the Quality Referee must demonstrate know-how allowing him to work as close as possible with the teams:  

  • Know the fundamentals of the Service Desk.
  • Communication skills, listening skills, pedagogy
  • Logical and analytical mind
  • Methodical
  • Rigour and discipline
  • Be proactive and capable to bring forward propositions
  • Fluency in Italian and English both oral and written

  • Online interview
  • Please describe your Italian and your English level.
  • Are you looking for a job in Timisoara?
  • For NonEU: please specify how many hours you are able to work according to yo your work permit.
  • How does your prior experience prepare you for this job?