Job details

INACTIVE AD: The employer is not currently actively recruiting for this position, but you can apply for the ad.

Office manager

Career level
Middle (2-5 years), Senior (5-10 years)
Employment type
Full time
Spoken languages
English - Advanced
Number of vacancies

We have a great vision at Colina Learning Center. But we know that without great execution, great visions are only delusions.

We need an emotionally mature and superbly organized administrator to join our growing project. 

You love being the person that makes things happen on the ground while the development team can focus on the strategy for the big dream. You are somebody who knows how to organize themselves and others very well. You will be the memory of the institution, you will know how to keep track of decisions, important dates, important and not-so-important documents. You like to make things effective by using tools to automate your work. You don’t thrive on ‘over-time’ as much as you do on being ‘on-time’.

When you say you ‘do something’, you do it very well. You can anticipate and predict needs and next steps. When you fall behind,  you communicate in time and adjust. When unsuccessful, you apologize, take responsibility and make explicit the lesson learned. 

What you can do:

  • You naturally keep things organized and well-structured. You have an eye for detail, you are always on time and know how to find anything at home or at work in under 1 minute.

  • You figure out how to handle everything that comes your way. You try to find a solution on your own first. If you know the solution requires other people, you quickly involve them. 

  • You are calm, composed, patient. Your sense of calm is part of the value you feel you bring to the people and organizations you work with.

  • You have significant experience with digital tools that make sense of numbers (money, dates, quantities) especially spreadsheets, project and task-management systems. 

  • You enjoy high standards in what you do, you are precise and detailed in how you deliver results. “Superficial”, a word that can never be used about your work.

  • You understand that relationships come first, results follow. You know how to develop positive relationships with colleagues. Regardless of hierarchy. 

  • You communicate beautifully. You listen a lot. Talk succinctly. Write compellingly. In English and Romanian.

  • You are, first of all, a learner yourself. You love to develop. You are coachable.

What defines you:

  • Being a powerful role model for learning how to thrive in life. You aspire to succeed on all levels, intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • Radical integrity: You are the change you want to see in the world. You do what you say you do.

  • A pragmatist. Big dreams need superb execution. You have the productivity and project management skills that enable you to have a significant impact through your work.

  • A proud and responsible tribe member: You know it takes a village. You prioritize the needs of ‘we’ over ‘me’. You speak out if the village needs to learn.