Job details

Marketing manager in a startup

This job is no longer active, check out similar jobs.
Career level
Entry (0-2 years), Middle (2-5 years), Senior (5-10 years)
Employment type
Full time
Partially remote job (working time will be divided between remote and company's headquarters)
Spoken languages
English - Advanced
Monthly net salary
1750 - 2000 €
Number of vacancies

Marketing manager in a startup – a job for an independent creative who can strategize and execute like a leader


What we do

Jobby is a startup with a great appreciation for technology and innovation. Our platform matches people and jobs fast, without the stress of the search. The algorithm behind Jobby scans the job market and automatically applies to jobs that fit candidates perfectly. Our objective is to be in the top 3 recruitments platform in Romania in the next three years while conquering other markets. 

The feel of the company

We allow employees to take on leadership over their own work. We encourage initiative, we allow people to try out new things and create their own environment. People are encouraged to come up with ideas, to work with their own tools and create their own workflows.

Your role as a marketing manager

Jobby is a new platform on the market looking to launch with a bang! The development stage is done and we rely greatly on adoption and becoming visible. Marketing is the biggest part of it and the make-or-break stage in the product journey.

We need a strategist who can create and deploy a strategy that makes sense. We are looking to create a Social Media presence, a cohesive PR campaign and a communication plan online.

  • You spend time understanding the brand, profiling the market and gathering insights.

  • You strategize and create a plan of action from a position of leadership for Social Media platforms, public relations and communication. You create the communication pipeline.

  • You make the big calls. You choose the channels, you create roadmaps, decide on A/B testing, and organize budgets in a way that gets us the biggest bang for our buck.

  • You communicate actions to marketing agencies, lead implementation and decide on creative directions for the brand.

  • You monitor results and analyze customer impact. You work closely with marketing tools to understand analytics and metrics and make changes accordingly. You make swift decisions, scale campaigns up and down and you are able to justify your decisions to management in language that makes sense.

Requirements for the job

This job allows you to work remotely. A good self-starter mindset and proof of great strategic thinking can certainly override our requirements.

  • BA/MBA in Marketing or other college that harbors creative thinking.

  • You have a proven track record of managing marketing campaigns (5+ years of experience in marketing).

  • You understand the entire work pipeline and are capable of planning, implementing and occasionally delivering materials.

  • You are capable of creating your own workflow, you can vet, propose and master your own set of tools to optimize the work, whether for scheduling or for creating automated operations.

  • You are capable of reading data analysis, specifically on campaign performance.

  • You can work sensibly within a budget and don’t rely solely on brute forcing the entry on the market with a large amount of money.

  • Previous work with a startup represents an advantage.

  • Previous work in the HR industry represents an advantage.

  • Excellent communication skills (English is a must). 


This is a full-time position open to candidates everywhere. NET salary € 1750- € 2000