Job details

E-commerce project manager

Responsive Employer
Career level
Middle (2-5 years)
Employment type
Full time
Spoken languages
English - Medium
* all languages are compulsory
Monthly net salary
1500 - 2500 €
Number of vacancies
  1. Fully responsible for the independent  e-commerce project, website management and maintenance, formulating marketing plans, optimization of product pages, processing orders and follow-up.
  2. Collect and analyze market information, grasp market trends, develop promotion plans, advertising.
  3. Responsible for promoting channel market research, familiar with and rational use of various marketing means, the use of various methods to attract traffic, improve conversion rate, maintain user stickiness;
  4. Regular statistics of sales data, inventory data, etc., timely adjustment of sales strategy, to maintain a better inventory turnover and inventory safety.
  5. According to the company's development strategy and industry, product characteristics to develop e-commerce platform specific strategy and operating model, e-commerce platform operating indicators, annual, monthly sales targets, and develop a plan to gradually follow up
  6. Regularly track, evaluate, analyze the operation, and submit an analysis report, timely put forward marketing, promotion and improvement measures, and give practical improvement plans
  7. Develop a monthly store promotion budget, plan store promotion programs, execute and cooperate with marketing activities, and lead the management team to achieve the expected sales goals
  8. Responsible for the overall maintenance of the site, and optimize the shopping process, user experience, etc., to improve user stickiness, activity and conversion rate, repurchase rate.
  9. Responsible for the overall planning and cost control of network-wide marketing, through effective cost control and marketing means to enhance the online sales platform brand awareness, expand market influence, improve product sales
  10. Responsible for organizing and establishing e-commerce team, and the team training, assessment, motivation, team system construction and other aspects of the work arrangements
  11. Complete the tasks assigned by the manager in due time  and complete the sales targets set by the company.

Job requirements:

       1. More than 3 years of e-commerce business operating experience, team management experience is preferred, familiar with the e-commerce platform operating model, management rules and processes.

       2.  Be familiar with independent station operation, master the channels and strategies of marketing and promotion and have a certain foundation for website development, maintenance and optimization.

       3. Have keen market insight, excellent data analysis ability, good communication and learning ability, high investment, strong resistance to stress.

       4. Good team management and building, organizational skills, good at motivating and guiding team members, results-oriented, focus on data and quantification.

        5. Fluent in English.

        6. University Degree in Economic Studies. 

Work programme: Monday-Friday 9-18  (1h  lunch break).

Salary and benefits 1500 up to 2500 euro net plus  bonus.


  • Online interview
  • Please write in a few words some details about your personality.