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Senior System Administrator

@ONEm Communications Ltd.
(Bucharest, 39years, Male)

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Senior System Administrator

ONEm Communications Ltd. in Bucharest, Romania

4 years 5 months · August, 2016 - present

Linux servers administration: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
Virtual server deployment of KVM virtual machines using OpenNebula
Administration of virtual machines: deployment, os install, setup, config, security, management
Linux services config & maintenance: Mail (qmail, exim, postfix), SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Web Server:
(Apache, Nginx), DNS (bind), VPN (OpenVPN, pptpd, SoftEther VPN, IPSEC, StrongSwan, OpenSwan, LibreSwan), Load Balancing TCP/HTTP (L4/L7): Haproxy, NGINX
Docker: build containers using a Dockerfile; docker containers deployment using Ansible playbooks
RPM package building: create .rpm packages from source using .spec files
Caching: Nginx, Varnish
Firewalls: iptables, ipset
Server monitoring (SNMP): Nagios, Icinga2 (clustering), Grafana, Kibana
Networking: TCP/IP, static/dynamic routing, QoS, EdgeRouter, EdgeSwitch, EdgeOS, DHCP, VLAN, LACP, OOBM, IPSEC tunnels
System logging: Syslog, Syslog-NG, rSyslog, Logstash (clustering), Elasticsearch (clustering), Filebeat, Topbeat,
Metricbeat, Kibana, Grafana
Databases: MySQL , MariaDB , MariaDB , PosgreSQL , , MariaDB Gallera Cluster
Scripting and programming: bash (medium), perl (basic), python (basic), php (basic)
Configuration Management Tools: Ansible , Ansible Tower
Server configurations for: RabbitMQ (clustering), Aerospike, Redis, Jasmin SMS Gateway, RTPEngine
PXE Boot to install servers
Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator: configuration, port-channels, Vlans, LACP

Senior System Administrator

SC GAZDUIRE WEB SRL () in Bucharest, Romania

6 years · January, 2015 - present

Linux servers administration: CentOS, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora
Administration of VPS Servers: deployment, os install, setup, config, security, management
Linux services config & maintenance: Mail (qmail, exim, postfix), SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Web Server: (Apache, Nginx), DNS (bind), VPN (openVPN, pptpd, softether VPN, ipsec), CXS Scanner, Linux Malware detection, ISPProtect, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Load Balancing (L4): Haproxy, NGINX, Caching (nginx, varnish)
Firewalls: iptables, ipset, CSF Firewall, Shorewall firewall, APF etc
Backup Tools: BackupPC, R1Soft Backup, Windows Backup and (local backup, network backup, backup to NAS using iSCSI
Server monitoring (SNMP): Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, Munin, Kibana, Zenos
Server Virtualization: vmWare, vSphere Client, KVM, OpenVZ containers, LXC containers, ProxMox, Docker
Remote Administration: via RDP, SSH, VNC, LogMeIn, Ammy, TeamViewer
Experience with Windows (Windows 95 to Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows ServerRR2)
cPanel & WHM, Plesk, Webmin, Usermin, VirtualMin, ISPConfig, CWP, VestaCP, Klomox MR
Virtual machine migration over local network or Vlan(s) (SAN Storage, local storage, vmware storage)
Security and real time malware scanning: CXS Scanner, LMD, BFD, cphulkd, SIM, LES
Webserver security: apache/nginx, mod_security
Caching: nginx, varnish
Load Balancing: varnish, nginx, haproxy
Networking: TCP/IP, static/dynamic routing, QoS
System logging: Syslog, Syslog-NG, rSyslog, logstash, elasticsearch, filebeat, topbeat, kibana
Databases: MySQL , MariaDB , MariaDB , PosgreSQL ,
Scripting and programming: bash (advanced), perl (basic), php + MySQL (medium), javascript (basic)
Tech Support: chat, email, phone, tickets: WHMCS, Zendersk etc
Other tasks related to linux server administration and security

NOC / Server Administrator

SC 11 AM MEDIA SRL (RezolvIT) - in Bucharest, Romania

6 months · July, 2014 - January, 2015

Administration of servers (Linux servers: CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Suse, etc)
Configurations & Maintenance of the following linux services: Mail (qmail, exim, postfix), MySQL, Apache, DNS (bind), VPN (openVPN, pptpd, softether VPN), iptables firewall
Backup Configuration & Administration using BackupPC and other backup tools (local backup, network backup or backup to NAS using iSCSI)
Server monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios
Server Virtualization & Administration: vmWare, vSphere Client, kvm
Configuration & Maintenance of the following windows services: Microsoft ExchangeMsSQLActive Directory, Windows Server Backup
Remote administration of clients' servers (Windows ServerLinux (all kind of linux distributions) through RDP, SSH, LogMeIn, Ammy, TeamViewer
AutoIT scripting (automate windows tasks)
cPanel & WHM server administration (also Webmin and ISPConfig)
Technical Support: email, phone, ticketing system

System Administrator, Tech Support


4 years 6 months · September, 2009 - March, 2014


- ADMINISTRATION OF THE SHARED HOSTING SERVERS (running Linux CentOS); monitorization of server load, running processes, firewall configuration, monitorization of running services on servers; configuration of the following services running on server: Apache web server, MYSQL server, Courier-imap (pop3/imap server), exim mail server, FTP server (ProFTP), DNS server (bind), MailScanner, clamav (clamd), pptpd (for VPN connections)

- Install/Config/Admin of WHM/cPanel web hosting control panel


- Install/Config/Admin & Maintenance of Linux dedicated servers for clients (available oses: CentOS, Debian, RedHat, Slackware)
- Customization of different linux services like (Apache, MySQL, FTP, Firewall, etc) according to customer's needs related to their business or website
- Install free web hosting control panels like DirectAdmin/WebMin/ISPManager

- Install/Config/Admin & Maintenance of VPS Servers running linux CentOS with VPS software like OpenVZ/Virtuozzo/HyperVM
- Install & config free web hosting control panel for VPS like Kloxo


- Technical support for clients (answering clients' questions by phone, email, chat or through and internal ticketing system) - any kind of technical issues from email client configuration to problems related to their web hosting account, database configuration for their websites, installation of new scripts or applications, optimizing websites for speed and for being xHTML or CSS valid.

Network Administrator


6 years 3 months · May, 2002 - August, 2008

The company had 5-7 shops around the city selling auto and components for cars
My job was to take care of the computer network (1 or 2 computers in every shop and a main linux server where all the data was centralized). The computers (running Windows) were connected with each other using wireless. I also created, maintained and updated the company's website and took care of the network

Network Administrator, Administrator retea

Club3D Craiova

3 years 5 months · September, 1998 - February, 2002

CLUB3D was an Internet Caffe from Craiova, which operated in
The network consisted of 25 computers and 2 linux servers. My job was to take care of the network and also admin the linux servers (running Slackware linux).
- Install/Configure the desktop computers (running Windows) for customers
- Admin/Maintain the linux servers (running Slackware/RedHat linux)
- Admin/Maintain linux services - APACHE, PHP, MYSQL, FTP, Firewall, Email
- Create/Admin/Update the internet caffe's website


Cisco Networking Academy

Computer Science, Awards / Certifications

4 years · 2017 - present

NDG Linux Unhatched

Cisco Networking Academy

Computer Science, Awards / Certifications

4 years · 2017 - present

NDG Linux Essentials

cPanel Inc

Computer Science, Awards / Certifications

4 years · 2017 - present

cPanel & WHM System Administrator I Certification

cPanel Inc

Computer Science, Awards / Certifications

5 years · 2016 - present

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification

Facultatea de Automatica, Calculatoare si Electronica

Computer Science, University (graduate)

7 years · 2001 - 2008

Liceul Carol I Craiova

Mathematics, High School / Vocational School

4 years · 1996 - 2000