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Software engineer

Intel by EasyIC (Bucharest, Romania) April, 2018 - present (9 months)

Arm cortex A53 development.

Before this I was involved in:
I. Algorithms development
- done business with my self-employment (PFA) and also my own company TOYO IT BUILD working for computer vision/machine learning projects and cryptocurrency projects . Image Enhancement for better OCR results, Controls detection on print screen images, Image/template matching/trademark matching.
-power and speed improvement on cryptocurrency mining software for other client.

and patent submission
Electric vehicle patent submission to Romania patent office on April 2018

Graphics Software Engineer

INTEL Corporation (Bucharest, Romania) March, 2013 - January, 2017 (3 years 10 months)

1. Google chromium project (Chrome browser and ChromeOS) focused on graphics stack.
- Patent submission with title: A Fast Multi-Task Real-time Scheduling Algorithm.
2. Intel graphics open source drivers (OPEN GL, GLES, EGL 3D mesa/drm/dri drivers). Linux kernel/driver debugging.
-deep understood anti-aliasing algorithms (CMAA, SMAA/MLAA).
3. Android graphics stack (hardware composer driver).
4. In my spare time I developed a plain http web server using C# and I also I worked on a printer management monitor - research project.
5. From 2017 :
Starting business with my own company TOYO IT BUILD
Working for computer vision/image processing/machine learning projects.
- Image Enhancement for better OCR results .
- Controls detection on print screen images.
- Image/template matching/trademark matching
-power and speed improvement on cryptocurrency mining software for other client.

Software Engineer

IBM ROMANIA SRL (Bucharest, Romania) October, 2012 - March, 2013 (5 months)

Linux embedded on IBM Blade Servers. Work on management software development, added a new feature to enable adding/removing blades on running.

Software Engineer - Bioinformatics

SIEMENS PSE SRL (Brașov, Romania) December, 2011 - October, 2012 (10 months)

The Job involve DNA sequencing alignment (Burrows–Wheeler transform, Prefix trie and string matching). Also it assumes working with huge data, parallel processing (Hadoop) and cross platform development (windows/Linux, Java and C++).

Software developer - contractor fixed period

Texas instruments April, 2011 - October, 2011 (6 months)

1. Silicon validation on OMAP5 architecture - image processing part. Algorithms validation. Validation of Still IMage COProcessor (SIMCOP), ISS, CSI interfaces.
2. Remote projects for others (SmartName company): unmanned air vehicle simulator, unobtrusive email spammer.

TEAM LEAD - IMAGE PROCESSING – full time contract

INTEL Corporation(Movidius) (Timișoara, Romania) August, 2010 - March, 2011 (7 months)

Researcher and developer in 3D-image processing fields.
Lead a team of 4 members.
The prototypes (algorithm model) that have been proved on PC are implemented on embedded device (DSP, ARM).
As result of my work now I am owner of Patent Pending.
Given images (a pair) taken from two cameras at points A and B, with parallel axes, where we know the approximate distances between the two cameras.
1. Find a kind of solution for detect angle and zoom for a pair of images. For this I wrote an algorithm that is in a stage of Patent Pending. It already bypass patent office managers gate.
2. Produce a new virtual image that is taken from a camera located on a line between A and B.
3. Analyze a better solution for color correction/calibration in video stream.
The keywords of projects are: Stereo alignment; stereo matching; false positive match; stereoscopic view; Epipolar geometry.

Contractor Software Developer & Engineer

LMS Brasov, Payzone and IXIA Bucuresti (Bucharest, Romania) January, 2009 - August, 2010 (1 year 7 months)

The company' software profile including structural integrity, system dynamics, handling, safety, reliability, comfort and sound quality for automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries.
Created new automation (COM) interfaces for 1D-3D structure simulation module. It supposed interaction with C++, COM design pattern technology in creating interfaces and CATIA framework-engine created by DASSAULT.

Developed the following:
1. POS Terminal simulator for loading electronic bill payment and mobile cards (C /C++ Windows and Unix/CentOS).
2. Update transaction server for electronic bills payment (C/C++, PostgreSQL, Unix/ CentOS) .
3. Pin migration application for 40 mobile operators (C/C++, PostgreSQL, Windows).
4. A new version of terminal software for PC (C#/Linux/Ubuntu).
It involve notions of encryption/decryption, terminal protocols (EBCD, BCD, MAC), Format conversions, design C/C++, C#.

Creating protocols stack plug-ins for 3G (GTP) and 4G(LTE) used on testing last generation telecommunication equipment. Embeded/PC with Linux and Windows(C/C++/C#).


EVOSOFTWARE SYSTEMS SRL (Bucharest, Romania) January, 2007 - January, 2009 (2 years)

Responsibilities: R&D in image processing and recognition, an innovative software that automatically recognizes and reads information from documents and collects data and structures. It suppose advanced and novel algorithms and performance optimization.
Lead a team with three members. The result distinguishes by product FORMIC FUSION from UK.
In development process I use currently C/C++ with STL. Also we use COM, C#, VB6.
I also worked on a software product ( net) for internal use management judicial Dacia- Renault.

Senior software developer

SOFT-NET (eServGlobalTelecom), Bucuresti (Bucharest, Romania) February, 2005 - January, 2007 (1 year 11 months)

Contribution to the development and maintenance of a major modules component of medium scale server-side, in Mobile telephony services for Egypt operators (Mobinil) project.
Software developed using C++/Informix on Solaris UNIX platform (Sparc).
Utilization of the platforms: BPM - batch platform modules, PSI - aggregates computing modules, SDP - service data point modules.

Responsibilities: coding of new modules/features, write technical specification.
Maintenance: analyzing and solving issues reported by customers, detection of scenarios that reproduced problems from field, code review, documenting of the code, writing documents for test team - test plan document, unitary testing, cooperation with specification and requirements teams.
Production of optimizations and code refectory in order to solve customer issues and improve product performance, contributed to the training of newcomer developers.

Senior software developer

IPDEVEL (Bucharest, Romania) March, 2004 - January, 2005 (10 months)

1. Client-Server application for internal employees’ activity management.
2. Part of the team developing a Time & Attendance application called Astrow, for AMANO Company. The employees are bound to use the terminals in order to indicate the various current statuses. (VB, C#).
3. PcFinder for the Danish GIGASOFT company. The application is developed in C++/ASP and required networking, protocol, windows services knowledge.
4. Stamps com API interface involves integration of the Active X controls from within the US customer’s website.
5. SMPro for an American company. The application allows the synchronization of data concerning the offline users with the online web server through https.

Junior Programmer

ONSAT-IT (Bucharest, Romania) August, 2003 - March, 2004 (7 months)

1. Management of promotional products for Johnson Wax.
2. Mutual investment funds for BCR Asset Management

Consultant Software and Programmer

Ager (Bucharest, Romania) November, 2002 - August, 2003 (9 months)

Bringing up-to-date/ modifying/ adding/ repairing/ installing "ProfitIT" ERP modules.
The client was developed using Access/VBA/VB and the server was SQL SERVER.
Create cubes with the OLAP on the SQL Server and swivels in Excel for data analysis.

My projects

Other projects (Bucharest, Romania) November, 2002 - November, 2002 (1 month)

Developed 3D Graphics applications, AI-ComputerVision, and applications on combinatorial and formal language theory + other utilities .
Studied arhitecture of Windows 95 OS(interruptions, DPMI specification functions, IOCTL interface, TSR / DxV drivers, FAT16/32, Broadcast interface API functions using the BIOS level, BIOS interruptions (for sectors, tracks, heads, logical sectors, clusters)
Developed an application for ANIMMC (The National Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises), a Romanian government institution.
GEONET and BLOMINFO cartography/geodesics - Software management staff allowances.
APARATAJ Titu - Wizard Software to export a wage information from an internal accounting software used internally in a general format required by the Labor Inspectorate.
AGROSTAR unions/organizations - Software used for management activity.
Created the sites , , , etc
Volunteering: three volunteer programs, involving educational activities for orphans and for poor children in Namibia. Also in Ploiesti at “Bethezda” school.


Mathematics University (graduate)

University of Sciences - Math-Info section 1998 - 2002 (4 years)

In 2002 I graduated the Faculty of Mathematics, section computer sciences. My graduation project was "A limited C interpreter", for which I obtained the maximum grade. During the University I also attended for three years the automatic section of engineering university– 2000) and I froze it in fourth year, resumed in 2009.

Automatic, Computers University (graduate)

University of Electrical Engineering 1997 - 2010 (13 years)

In 2010 I graduated the University in Engineering - computers /automatic domain. My graduation project was "Computer Vision - Face detection", for which I obtained the maximum grade.

Computer Science College / Postgraduate studies

College "Ienechita Vacarescu" 1994 - 1998 (4 years)

In 1997 I graduated the computers's school department with the project "Programming Techniques Branch and Bound" for which I obtained the maximum grade.