Job / Candidate types

As jobs differ from each other, candidates make no exception. That's why we've adjusted the cost of job ads depending on the difficulty of your recruitment project. Moreover, with the new jobs you'll be able to better target the category of candidates you want to attract.

White Collar

White Collar

A white-collar worker is a person who performs professional, desk, managerial, or administrative work. A job offer for this type of position costs 100 credits.


1. Commissioned armed forces officers

2. Non-commissioned armed forces officers

3. Armed forces occupations, other ranks

4. Legislators and senior officials

5. Physical and earth science professionals

6. Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians

7. Life science professionals

8. Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology)

9. Electrotechnology engineers

10. Architects, planners, surveyors and designers

11. Medical doctors

12. Nursing and midwifery professionals

13. Traditional and complementary medicine professionals

14. Paramedical practitioners

15. Veterinarians

16. Other health professionals

17. University and higher education teachers

18. Vocational education teachers

19. Secondary education teachers

20. Primary school and early childhood teachers

21. Other teaching professionals

22. Finance professionals

23. Administration professionals

24. Sales, marketing and public relations professionals

25. Legal professionals

26. Librarians, archivists and curators

27. Social and religious professionals

28. Authors, journalists and linguists

29. Creative and performing artists

30. Physical and engineering science technicians

31. Mining, manufacturing and construction supervisors

32. Process control technicians

33. Life science technicians and related associate professionals

34. Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians

35. Medical and pharmaceutical technicians

36. Nursing and midwifery associate professionals

37. Traditional and complementary medicine associate professionals

38. Veterinary technicians and assistants

39. Other health associate professionals

40. Financial and mathematical associate professionals

41. Sales and purchasing agents and brokers

42. Business services agents

43. Administrative and specialised secretaries

44. Regulatory government associate professionals

45. Legal, social and religious associate professionals

46. Sports and fitness workers

47. Artistic, cultural and culinary associate professionals

48. Information and communications technology operations and user support technicians

49. Telecommunications and broadcasting technicians

50. General office clerks

51. Secretaries (general)

52. Keyboard operators

53. Tellers, money collectors and related clerks

54. Client information workers

55. Numerical clerks

56. Material-recording and transport clerks

57. Travel attendants, conductors and guides