Job / Candidate types

As jobs differ from each other, candidates make no exception. That's why we've adjusted the cost of job ads depending on the difficulty of your recruitment project. Moreover, with the new jobs you'll be able to better target the category of candidates you want to attract.

Gold Collar

Gold Collar

Gold-collar workers usually engage in problem-solving or complex technical work in fields such as academic/scientific research, technology industries. A job offer for this type of position costs 150 credits.


1. Managing directors and chief executives

2. Business services and administration managers

3. Sales, marketing and development managers

4. Production managers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries

5. Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers

6. Information and communications technology service managers

7. Professional services managers

8. Hotel and restaurant managers

9. Retail and wholesale trade managers

10. Other services managers

11. Software and applications developers and analysts

12. Database and network professionals