Job / Candidate types

As jobs differ from each other, candidates make no exception. That's why we've adjusted the cost of job ads depending on the difficulty of your recruitment project. Moreover, with the new jobs you'll be able to better target the category of candidates you want to attract.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar

A blue-collar worker is a working class person who performs manual labor. A job offer for this type of position costs 50 credits.


1. Other clerical support workers

2. Cooks

3. Waiters and bartenders

4. Hairdressers, beauticians and related workers

5. Building and housekeeping supervisors

6. Other personal services workers

7. Street and market salespersons

8. Shop salespersons

9. Cashiers and ticket clerks

10. Other sales workers

11. Child care workers and teachers’ aides

12. Personal care workers in health services

13. Protective services workers

14. Market gardeners and crop growers

15. Animal producers

16. Mixed crop and animal producers

17. Forestry and related workers

18. Fishery workers, hunters and trappers

19. Subsistence crop farmers

20. Subsistence livestock farmers

21. Subsistence mixed crop and livestock farmers

22. Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers

23. Building frame and related trades workers

24. Building finishers and related trades workers

25. Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers

26. Sheet and structural metal workers, moulders and welders, and related workers

27. Blacksmiths, toolmakers and related trades workers

28. Machinery mechanics and repairers

29. Handicraft workers

30. Printing trades workers

31. Electrical equipment installers and repairers

32. Electronics and telecommunications installers and repairers

33. Food processing and related trades workers

34. Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers

35. Garment and related trades workers

36. Other craft and related workers

37. Mining and mineral processing plant operators

38. Metal processing and finishing plant operators

39. Chemical and photographic products plant and machine operators

40. Rubber, plastic and paper products machine operators

41. Textile, fur and leather products machine operators

42. Food and related products machine operators

43. Wood processing and papermaking plant operators

44. Other stationary plant and machine operators

45. Assemblers

46. Locomotive engine drivers and related workers

47. Car, van and motorcycle drivers

48. Heavy truck and bus drivers

49. Mobile plant operators

50. Ships’ deck crews and related workers

51. Domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers

52. Vehicle, window, laundry and other hand cleaning workers

53. Agricultural, forestry and fishery labourers

54. Mining and construction labourers

55. Manufacturing labourers

56. Transport and storage labourers

57. Food preparation assistants

58. Street and related service workers

59. Street vendors (excluding food)

60. Refuse workers

61. Other elementary workers