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How does it feel to post your job for FREE and pay only for the applicants you like?

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Zero initial costs

Simple. You like a CV, you unblock it from 2 credits/contact data. 1 credit = 1 euro + VAT.

Unblock only the CVs you like

A risk-free way to test the results our system can deliver: pay only for performance! Your ad will stay active until it reaches 30 applicants.

Correct data, guaranteed

In the unlikely case of incorrect contact data, contact us and we will refund the used credits.

How many applicants do you need? We'll make sure you get them all.

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The active period of the ad is unlimited

Your ad will be active on the website for as long as it takes to reach the desired number of applicants. You pay between 1 and 7 credits per applicant, depending on the job. You can choose 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 applicants.

Add as many locations as you like

No restrictions - recruit from all cities of interest.

No extra unblocking costs

Instant access to candidate contact information with no extra costs from the moment they applied to your ad.

Enjoy flexibility and an unlimited number of applicants.

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Choose the duration and location(s) where your job will be promoted. It can be active on BestJobs for up to 50 weeks and promoted in up to 50 locations.

Variable pricing

The price starts at 50 credits per 1 week/1 city, plus 25 credits for each week/city. Optionals (reactivation, own application system, promotion in social networks or screening) can be added and will double the ad's price.

No extra unblocking costs

Instant access to candidate contact information with no extra costs from the moment they applied to your ad.

Companies that consistently attract the best talent get one thing right: Employer Branding.

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All your jobs on a single page

Your employer profile should serve as the best source of information for future candidates. They will be able to find all your active jobs on this page.

Direct applications

Candidates interested in the values and profile of your company will apply directly on your Bestjobs employer page. What does that mean? You get applicants eager to work for you with less effort.

Increase your audience

Use Social Media Promotion to increase the reach and exposure of your company among candidates.

Need talent? We’ve got it.

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The right talent for your open positions

You are your tags, searches and posted jobs. Based on all of these we’ll recommend the right candidates for you.

Time is your most valuable resource

We know that the hiring process can sometimes be time-consuming. We’re trying to make things easier/faster/better by pointing out the CVs you have to take a look at.

Pay for performance

Pay only for the CV’s you like.

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which you can use for any service

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* Pay in advance or monthly, based on consumption.
1 credit = 1 euro + VAT, but you pay less for large volumes:

  • - 50 euro for purchases above 500 credits
  • - 100 euro for purchases above 1000 credits
  • - 500 euro for purchases above 2000 credits
  • - 1000+ euro for purchases above 4000 credits