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How does it work?

pay per job (promotion)

Choose this type of ad if you want access to all applicants interested in your position. You can choose the number of cities and weeks that the ad will be active for: 50/10/5/3/1 for Diamond/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze. The Iron ad is active for 1 day only.

Increase your reach even further by using our extra options for reactivation and social media promotion or choose to receive applications in your own internal system.

pay per applicant

Paying per applicant is the way to go in case of hard to fill in jobs. Pay Per Applicant, as the name suggests, means that you will only pay for the applicants you receive, no risk in promoting your job.

The add is promoted until you receive the number of applicants you want. You can choose as many locations or keywords to reach the desired candidates.

pay per contact (freemium)

Post the job for free or Search in database, choose the CVs you like and pay only for unblocking their contact data. Prices start with 10 credits per candidate and can grow with experience.

In the unlikely case of an outdated contact, notify us about the CV, we will check it and return your credits.