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Strada Occidentului, Bucharest, Romania


Vertical Gesture Architecture was established in 2017 and it has started based on the experience in the field for more than 10 years of our team in projects around the world, regarding residential buildings, transit buildings, industrial halls and subway stations.

The name of our company is based on our belief that any construction is actually a vertical gesture and it has an impact in our everyday existence by the fact that people are actually present in a building at least 60% of their lifetime, whether they are homes, offices or buildings where they spend their leisure activities.

At the same time, the name is based off one of our principles as a team, verticality in doing what we know best.

We strongly believe that gestures do make the difference, and not only in architecture but also in daily bases as human beings, through communication between us and also between us and the environment.
So what we are doing through our works is really establish the communication between human beings and between us and nature.
For us, architecture is the science and the art of designing and building edifices according to certain aesthetic concepts and technical rules, as well as establishing the connection between people and nature, therefore we established the law of the 3 interconnected principles:
- The connection between people, constructions, and nature

We are Vertical Gesture Architects and for us, every single project is based on the five essential rules, which differentiates us from the existing market:
1. Design
2. Functionality
3. Aesthetics
4. Technique
5. Linking