Upgrade Center SRL

Bucharest, Romania


We at Upgrade Academy are on a mission to bring together motivated students everywhere and inspire them to excel on their path towards higher education.
We aim to create a transformative education journey based on each student’s individual strengths and aspirations, in order to increase admission chances to top tier universities.

As a small company, we don’t offer clear direction, a fixed schedule, and a clear promotion ladder, like you’d find in big corporations. Instead, we offer the chance to take on fast responsibility, display intellectual flexibility, forge your own path and do something meaningful.

There is little direction or supervision. This can be confusing at times, but also a real blessing, depending on how you choose to see it. You won't spend 3 months in training or be given detailed instructions; there's no scheduled promotion track or a pre-defined list of tasks; nobody will tell you exactly what to do, when to come and leave or where to sit. You find an empty chair, you take it. You think you can handle a project, you take it. It's your responsibility to find something you're passionate about and pursue it to the fullest and that's the only way to grow with us.

We take great satisfaction in doing things this way and genuinely think it's a lot of fun. If you feel the same way, jump onboard.

About us:
Upgrade Academy is the hottest education startup in Bucharest, Romania. Our team and network of outstanding mentors is made of alumni of universities in the US and UK, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge. We seek to promote the values of our alma maters in the Romanian educational
environment. We have grown from 3 students at our inception in 2016 to over 230 students currently.

You should know that:
- We embrace quirkiness, puns, diversity, new ideas and risk. We celebrate individual differences.
- We go above and beyond what we are expected to deliver and take pride in the work we do. Each of us takes initiative at an individual level and each of us is the driver of innovation.
- We question norms ingrained in our culture and set ourselves up for exploring new courses of action.

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