Uday Singh Chouhan

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Indore, India


I have total 9 year experience in software testing along with 5 years of experience in automation testing using like this job, because it is process oriented. Meaning that I get an opportunity to work from analyzing the requirement documents to writing test plans, test cases, testing the application, logging defects, retesting, preparing reports and finally testing in production as well. Therefore, I am involved from the very beginning to the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC) process.
I am very experienced in web app and mobile app Automation testing and I can use Selenium Web-driver+Java+Maven+Cucumber+Junit+Jenkins+SauceLab+Applitool for automation and Continuous Integration.
I am able to improve website or system by providing my suggestions so users will like application more and it will serve business goals better.
I am a team player. I get along with team members very well. As far as the working is concerned, I can be equally productive in team or working alone.

I like to find defects. I enjoy logging defects. The more defects I find, the happier I am :-).

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