Strada Iuliu Maniu, 47, Brașov, Romania

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The company has been established after a long period of software engineering consulting in Electrical company in Rome for the development Office and Industrial project for the Italian Government.

In the last 15 years our activity has grown considerably, and our experience in DCS products become complete under all point of view, in Automation engineering, configuration, Commissioning and Training.

Our basic job is a complete automation configuration system set, usually done for big automation Industry companies as ABB, Siemens, Foxboro or directly for important engineering Companies as Techit and Gavazzi, Aresco.

Our company has a close technical relationship with ABB group - Glass and Chemical, Metals products and this relationship has became considerable before in every ABB OCS system applications platform (Master and Advant) and Industrial IT in the last years. As well with Siemens Products our experience is now considerable also in PCS7 system.

These years gave us the possibility to join big projects with commissioning, in Arabian and North Africa countries as a complete subcontractor.
We generally perform the best result in complete projects in Process Automation, from the specification verification to the final commissioning and as built documentation, but with our experience we are able to join complex working team.