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SAIP Automation International

3.43 out of 7 ratings

Târgu Mureș, Romania


SAIP Automation is a German company with headquarters in Romania, Advanced Partner of SIEMENS AG Germany and authorized SIEMENS product distributor for Substation Automation, Grid Protection, Power Quality and Industrial Automation. We employ a team of highly specialized project engineers and managers to implement integrated and comprehensive solutions in Secondary Technology, anywhere in the world, with commitment, competently, reliably and cost-effectively.

Core competencies of our team are SCADA, HMI, plant, station and substation control and automation systems in the fields of electrical and wind power, hydropower plants, traction power supplies as well as oil and gas pipelines on the basis of the complete SIEMENS product range in this market segment.

Our capabilities include Design, Engineering, Data Modelling, Parameterization, Programming, Factory Acceptance, Delivery, Commissioning and Final Acceptance and Troubleshooting, Update and Maintenance for systems and components of the product lines SICAMSICAM PAS/CC/SCC, SIPROTEC/Digsi and SIMATIC S7/PCS7/WinCC/WinCC-Flexible.

All our project engineers have gone through the tough official SIEMENS Power Academy certification procedure with standardized Curriculum Vitae in Nuremberg and/or Vienna. So far we have acted as subcontractor of SIEMENS subsidiaries as well as many other general contractors and thereby implemented hundreds of projects around the world or just realize this.