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Arad, Romania



BOA Group – Global business – Your local partner!
Customized engineering for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications

About the Group

The BOA Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers for flexible mechanical elements for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as for a wide range of industrial applications.
The headquarters is based in Stutensee near Karlsruhe / Germany.

Until August 2006 the BOA Group operated under the umbrella of the IWKA organization. Today, the BOA Group consists of 15 subsidiaries and shareholdings in 13 addition, the Group has sales and service offices in the most industrial countries worldwide.

With its employees, the BOA Group develops, produces and distributes flexible stainless steel components for engine management, exhaust systems, fuel systems and side components for passenger cars and heavy vehicles. In the industrial division, the BOA Group delivers flexible elements for applications in the Energy sector, Shipbuilding, Rail and Heavy Engine industry. Customized expansion joints are designed for Petrochemical, Chemical as well as Oil & Gas Pipelines. Precision metal bellows and ultra clean metal hoses complete the product range and offer high tech product applications in the Vacuum, Semiconductor & Magnet Technology market. 

BOA flexible elements include both standard and customized products. Individual solutions are developed in partnership with our customers.

In Romania, BOA Group is represented by BOA RBT SRL located in Arad. BOA RBT was established in March 2014 and started its operations in July 2014 producing metal hoses and exhaust gas recirculation pipes for the automotive industry as well as V-clamps for industrial applications. End of, BOA RBT had 130 employees. In 2017 we will continue to grow our business, increasing as well our headcount up to 170 employees.

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