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Bulevardul Mareșal Alexandru Averescu, Bucharest, Romania


In, PITT was created to tend to the IT companies’ increasing need of externalization, in fields as: customer service, web design, marketing and human resources.
In the context of globalization, PITT targeted an international marketplace from the very beginning.
Thus, the company is now proud to have an expanding portfolio of internationally-acclaimed customers and partners from countries in Europe, Africa and Canada.

In an ever-more competitive market, PITT manages to stand out through:

Being professional implies two aspects that we equally cherish: a well-established expertise in the IT field and strong work ethics. While the latter is a requirement we seek in all employees, the first is not a prerequisite. For this purpose, we constantly organise training sessions for our employees, thus helping them achieve the specialisation level they require.

The IT field is known for its openness towards change and we would not have it any other way! We challenge the impossible on a daily basis and we thrive on the fulfilment of handling the most difficult of tasks. This only encourages us to become better.

When our clients have questions, we have answers. It’s our duty and responsibility to keep the workflow as transparent as possible, so that our partners know we put trust above everything else.

At PITT, we want all our employees to learn and grow. This personal growth can only lead to great teamwork, which we put above competitiveness. Any task that cannot be accomplished individually will surely find its solution when we put our heads together.

As an employer, we stand out through our welcoming work environment. It is in our policy to help one another and to promote those who distinguish themselves through dedication, effort and results. Take a look at our photo gallery to get a better grasp of the look and feel of a usual workday at PITT.