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Calea Moșilor, Bucharest, Romania

Martifer Metallic Constructions is a global recognized player in the metallic construction sector.
With a diversified portfolio, it looks to find the best engineering solution for each project, so as to allow for the optimisation of resources and consequent reduction of costs and the compliance of deadlines.
Mainly aimed at leading highly complex projects, Martifer Metallic Constructions bases its development strategy on differentiation through quality engineering.

Being mostly an industrial company, with a high production capacity, it has industrial presence in Portugal, Romania,Brazil and Angola, which allow it to execute projects in several locations around the world.

From the development of new solutions to the use of new materials and software, Martifer Metallic Constructions views innovation as more than a useful tool. It is a way of being present in a competitive market which is constantly evolving.
The company searches for continuous improvement and an increase in productivity through the introduction of innovative processes.
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