Infobrain SRL

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Șoseaua Națională, 178, Iași, Romania


Dezvoltare software, suport tehnic.

INFOBRAIN is the global market leader in software systems for TAP3 and data clearing.
INFOBRAIN solutions are used by more than 60 operators worldwide as well as clearing houses, billing vendors and system integrators.
INFOBRAIN is the provider of the GSM Associations TAP3 Test Toolkit - TTT.
We are offering an extensive set of software solutions for roaming and TAP3 as well as competitive service offerings.

Perspectix AG (Zurich, Switzerland) is a technologically leading provider of configurator solutions for PLM-integrated sales and planning, 3D design of multi-variant products in technical industries, retail areas.

Perspectix has one of the most flexible configurators in the world. Using our own script language, you will implement the wishes, requirements of our customers, define 3D objects and their related dependencies.