HR Sincron SRL

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Strada Ermil Pangratti, 3, Bucharest, Romania



Sincron HR Software is an all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution for doing HR in the digital era. Our mission is to empower the HR people, by offering them the tools they need to really perform.

The software solution is powered for more than a decade by HR Sincron - Romanian company based in Bucharest. Our business has expanded into the mature North American market, through our Vancouver based subsidiary in Canada. We’re proud to sell our 100% Romanian product, developed from scratch locally, in Europe and North America.

With this comes a challenging mindset - to continue to develop the solution and the entire company overall so that we’re able to satisfy diverse clients, different in terms of company size, industry, geography and culture. We take pride in the fact that, in our company, each member “owns” his project and can clearly see how she/he contributes to the big picture.

Our solution integrates the management of all HR processes. In brief, using Sincron HR Software, a company starts by digitizing all its HR data, automates the HR processes and lays the foundation for going digital within the entire HR function. All these make it an invaluable tool for modern HR management in the age of digital transformation.

Here’s what our clients appreciate, driving our need to find likeminded new colleagues:

  • Platform depth, with an “HR-centric” approach: at the core of our developments are the HR needs
  • Speed of deployment, ensured by a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced team
  • Flexibility through customization options: the solution can be configured to match each client’s needs and customized through new software development
  • Seamless integration with other client existing software
  • Software robustness - it simply works.

Our team made it possible to work with clients such as Dacia Renault, Dedeman, Arctic, Libra Internet Bank, Rewe Group, Depanero, Network One Distribution, Holcim, Generali, Miele, BDO and many others. We’re looking forward to expanding this team while keeping our entrepreneurial spirit, along with values such as implication, reliability, taking responsibility and flexibility. We take our business seriously, so if you feel these values define your work approach too, come and meet us!