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Bucharest, Romania

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January, three days after New Year's Eve, making my way through the snowdrift in the student campus, I was heading for my first day of work. I will be an IT Recruiter, whatever that means, I thought. Over the years, I've been able to figure out how it works with IT Recruitment. At first, I used to count the months. After one year, I couldn’t stop. I really like the typology of IT folks: very smart, a bit shy, career oriented and with a very special sense of humor.

My philosophy, when it comes to recruiting, is that everyone has a unique life context and there’s no "perfect opportunity” but there are suitable projects for every person at a given moment. My mission is to walk alongside you on the road to finding that personal "perfect opportunity". It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Now or in the future.

- 8 years of experience in building-up from scratch or completing software teams in the following industries: E-Commerce, R&D, Web-Hosting, E-Payment, Banking, Automotive;
- Strong network of nice people specialized in: IOS/Android, Python, Scala, Java, PHP, .NET, C, C++;
- Very good knowledge about the Romanian IT market in terms of technical competences, types of companies, projects & technologies, development methodologies, innovation, life-work balance, organization culture, compensations and benefits system;
- Charismatic, willing to share, have a natural skill in finding the middle ground;
- Practice hard to be an average amateur football player. It's the same case with volleyball and running. Really love to travel, starting with September I started a Digital Nomad adventure. Last but not least, go Liverpool FC!