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Bucharest, Romania


Europ Assistance, the world leading assistance and insurance company

“You Live, We Care” – Europ Assistance is a trusted partner to millions around the world,  relentlessly pioneering care and mobility services to improve people’s lives in the most difficult and stressful situations, securing peace of mind and independence.

About Europ Assistance

Care Services: a new generation of innovative, personalized services

Your needs evolve constantly. Nowadays, you may want to make the most of your private life, of the time spent with your family, and of your future plans, concentrating on really important matters when it comes to health, household, driving and travelling.

To satisfy this need, Europ Assistance designed “Care Services”, a new generation of personalized services, so that we can provide you support and assistance in every situation of life.

An international group withpartners in 208 countries

Europ Assistance takes care of 300 million people all over the world. With 7,000 employees and 38 companies acting locally, the Group has developed an international on-the-spot assistance system to bring the Care Service vision to life every day in an innovative way. We do this with the help of our highly organized provider network consisting ofpartners.

Developing Care Services has embodied the new meaning that we give to our business areas. It includes a strong feeling of presence: acting efficiently whenever our clients need it in their everyday lives, as well as under special circumstancemaintaining an innovation culture backed by 50 years of experience.

Living up to our CARE commitments, we offer a new generation of personalized Care Services integrating new technologies, which perfectly match the local context and requirements anywhere in the world.

Europ Assistance’s global presence in a few numbers

  • Consolidated earnings of EUR 1,386 million
  • 7,000 permanent employees
  • 4,300 assistance coordinators
  • 400 medical professionals
  • registered provider partners
  • 300 million clients insured directly or through our partners
  • million calls handled by assistance coordinators
  • perations