Cronian Group

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Bucharest, Romania



We are one of Romania’s fastest growing technology hubs, with activities in higher education, startup incubation and research and development nearshoring, dedicated to managing and anticipating change.

We design and deliver intelligent technologies and creative solutions facilitating innovation, engaging people and educating for the future. In few words, we don’t follow trends. We create them.

Cronian Labs

Any future successful business begins with a sparking idea. You name it, we grow it. That is what we do at Cronian Labs, a startup incubator with multiple exits and spin-offs in verticals like mobile health care, sharing economy, augmented reality and other cutting-edge areas. We take ideas we like and research them until we find an angle we believe in. Afterwards, we develop those ideas into products inside our cross-functional team.

Cronian Academy

Technology is an asset indeed. But education is a weapon and we use it to change the world. Cronian Academy is the first university technology accelerator program in Romania, a non-profit with a vision for a more effective formal tech education. We grew a strategic partnership with the University of Bucharest, namely the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, centred around advancing the curriculum and course delivery.

Cronian Talent

We are entrepreneurs at heart, so we made a company to help others spark it as well. At Cronian Talent we put our genius at work, providing future clients with operational expertise for expanding their existing software research and development teams. Presently, Cronian Talent is providing nearshoring services for R&D IT departments for a series of DACH companies, including Ringier AG and others. We create human workplaces by building entire technical teams from scratch, on technologies like Ruby on Rails, Apple iOS, Salesforce, Google Android and others.

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