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Ghiroda, Romania


The Berg Computers story began in 1991 when the company opened its doors. Established as a Romanian-German partnership, we are a software services company with a strong background in implementing complex projects for global clients and our Berg Software brand naturally comes to meet our reputation in the software industry.

With good work ethic, exceptional skills and a lot of enthusiasm, our teams of professionals work together to give the best possible result for our clients. Berg Software is specialized in technology consulting, software development and outsourcing, for both SMEs and large enterprises.

The company’s core areas of expertise include Digital Transformation, Custom Application Development, Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, Cloud, SAP, technical support & maintenance. What makes Berg Software stand out in these fields is the combination of industry know-how, exceptional technology expertise and a visionary approach.

With 26+ years in business, we have completed more than 2700 software projects and our applications are being used in 24 countries. Since our inception, we partnered up with businesses from various markets to help simplify their outsourcing experience.

We have worked with over 760 companies as their custom software development partner by designing, developing, implementing, and launching mobile, web & cloud applications. We focus on performance and we have a proven track record of IT services.

Our headquarters is located outside the city, which means that we can completely disconnect from the frantic pulse of the city and work in a relaxed and stress-free environment. We love our tranquil coffee breaks, especially when they happen in our green back yard.

Berg Software is represented by its offices in: Timisoara, Lugoj, Oradea and Bucharest.

We are all different, but we work together wonderfully, because our common goal is to deliver first-rate software solutions. We love what we do and we’re always up for a new challenge. That last bit actually also means that we pretty much never say no to a good opportunity to have fun: think Snack Fridays, birthday cakes, team buildings, summer parties and more.