ArtSoft Consult

Looking for Premium Talent
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Strada Eugen Ionesco, 1a, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Leading software company from Cluj-Napoca, providing top quality IT solutions since 2003 and operating in a strong, competitive global marketplace.


ArtSoft Consult stands out through its unique team of strongly motivated and highly skilled technical and software engineering specialists, as well as a mature agile software development process.

We offer:


Relaxed working atmosphere, communication and knowledge sharing between team members being very much encouraged.

Latest technologies and project management tools to work with.

Involvement in complex international projects for big players on the global markets.

Attractive salary, bonuses and rewards for high-quality work in complex and challenging projects.

Professional and modern work environment.

Individual capabilities are highly considered.

Professional development opportunities: training, certifications, career development, etc. Professional and financial support is also provided to those employees interested in obtaining specific IT related certifications.

Flexible working program.


We encourage the employment and development of young people specialists which are able to prove high potential and commitment to challenges.