Anchor Grup SA

4.35 out of 31 ratings

Bucharest, Romania


About us
Anchor Grup is part of FIBA Group of companies and has been active
since 1997 in real estate development, in Eastern Europe. Today, having more than 350 million € realized and committed pipeline real estate developments in overqm, Anchor Grup has extensive know-how and expertise in shopping centers, retail, residential and office developments. In Romania, the major developments of the company are: Bucuresti Mall, the first modern shopping center in Romania, Plaza Romania
shopping center, which, together with Anchor Plaza, the first A class office building integrated in a shopping center service area, has contributed to the real estate development of the center-west region of Bucharest, and InCity Residences, a premium residential compound,located in the center of the capital. The newest office developments of the company are Metropol Office Building and Plaza Romania Offices which is the first office destination integrated in a mall.

Our vision
Our vision is turning opportunistic plans and ideas into innovative
concepts and realistic projects considering the aspects like community
needs, commercial feasibility and long term sustainability.