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Bucharest, Romania

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A&D Pharma Marketing&Sales is one of the largest and most dynamic pharmaceutical outsourcing group offering integrated services of import, distribution, market access, marketing and medical promotion, regulatory services.

Our vision is to become the favorite partner on the Central and Eastern European pharmaceutical market, offering a unique and full range of services on the marketing, sales, pharmaceutical retail and medical services segments.

Our mission is to be a premier pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare service provider in Central & Eastern Europe.

A&D Pharma Marketing&Sales has a strong culture of Compliance

  • Following strict FCPA standards;

  • Following Ethical code of AIFP (Association of Innovative Pharma Industry);

  • Following strict „drug-related“ legislation in all countries

A&D Pharma Marketing&Sales is currently active in 7 countries, Romania, Poland, Bulgary, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic.

Activity field: Pharmacy

Size (number of employes): >500

Headquarter: Bucharest, Romania

Type: Private company

Founded: 1994

Specialty: consumer healthcare, medicine, medical promotion, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical wholesaling