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Brutto-Gehaltsschätzung pro Monat in Euro

1600 €

We are looking for workers for Sample Boards Creating Workers.

Your tasks: creating carpet sample boards

* Duration of the contract is minimum 6 months

* Minimum age to maximum age (years): 18 to 50

* Work schedule:  early shift (6:00 o´clock – 14:00 o´clock) and                                                                                     

                               late shift (14:00 o´clock – 22:00 o´clock)

* Regulated working hours of 8 per day

* Time wage: 9,23 EUR and 25% extra pay for the night shift

* Accommodation: In a Flat. Available are 2 or 4 bed rooms      

* Accommodation expenses: 250 EUR/ months (2 bed room) 200 EUR/ months (4 bed room) 

* Transportation of accommodation to the workplace and return: It´s 25 EUR per Person/ months