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1359 €

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The ideal candidate:

  • College graduate / college student, in Computer Science or a related field
  • Should be willing to learn new things
  • Good communication skills, the capacity to work within a team
  • Individual responsibility and a strong desire for personal achievements
  • Should have the desire to evolve towards a very good professional & technical level


Mandatory requirements:

  • Strong knowledge concerning algorithms, data structures, OOP
  • Good C++ skills (at least intermediate level)
  • Good C# skills (at least intermediate level)
  • Good English skills (at least intermediate level)
  • JAVA skills is a plus
  • German skills is a plus


Job description:

  • Developing software, using several platforms & languages (mostly .NET / C++ / Java), for a variety of projects (enterprise software, multimedia, web / mobile, networking etc.)
  • Platforms: we develop software for a wide range of platforms (including mobile, desktop, web). We also develop cross-platform applications (which are compatible with several platforms & operating systems: Windows / Mac OS X / Linux / Android / iOS)
  • Types of projects that we develop in our company: Augmented Reality, Self learning, ERP, CRM,  image processing etc.



The benefits of working at BSAtec:

  • We offer flexible working hours
  • We offer competitive salaries, periodical raises, performance bonuses & gratifications
  • You will enjoy the opportunity to be part of a pleasant and friendly team, who shares the same values. You will learn on a daily basis and you will be able to develop your career in a professional environment, among colleagues that are ready to assist you and to help you grow
  • The possibility of working (in alternation) on a variety of projects & technologies. Each of our colleagues belongs to several project-teams
  • Permanent feedback, performance evaluations on a monthly basis
  • Close communication within the team. The possibility of bringing suggestions & raising issues directly to the management
  • Technical training on a wide variety of technologies, to cover the different types of projects & platforms that we use in our projects.



Company Description

The BSA tec is a German Company with branch offices in Croatia and Romania.

We develop software solutions for our clients according to their needs.


What distinguishes us from other companies?

We value the communication between our clients and our company highly, so we can create the best possible solution for them.

Years of experiences in different industry sectors help us to understand the clients` problems.

Therefor we can deliver the software they need, which they will love and easily use, true to our motto: “Need. Like. Use.”.