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3000 - 5000 €

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Do you want to reach the next level in your career? At Ampada GmbH, you have the opportunity to continuously develop with well-known customers in all industries. Our environment is very energitic and demanding, and this position requires an individual with remarkable enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Our rapid growth is due to our ability to deliver consistently for our clients which is directly related to the quality of the people we

How our engineering team works:

  • We use a modern stack: React and Angular with Typescript in the frontend, Scala in the backend, Influx, PostgreSQL and MongoDB as databases, dockerized deployments on a private Kubernetes Cluster, hosted on Azure
  • We work in a fast-paced environment: We rely on a LESS / SCRUM-based workflow, push to release every 2 weeks, deploy with high automated test coverage, and monitor constantly
  • We are an international team and communicate in English only ( German is not required but is a plus )
  • We believe in face to face communication and require at least 3 days onsite presence each week 

Must have:

  • Experience setting up CI + CD for multiple projects with various tools covering build, package, test, deploy, verify, rollback 
  • Understanding of pipeline-as-code, both greenfield (from scratch) and improving existing pipelines for CI/ CD 
  • Skills must include: Git, Linux, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, JVM (deploy / tune / monitor / manage), Maven, SBT 
  • Can differentiate IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS from development, performance and operational perspectives (also able to factor in projected-costs of infrastructure where relevant to decisions)

Should have:

  • Understanding of SSL/ TLS/ Certificates for securing browser communications / inter-application communication / user authentication
  • Experience of:
    • SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)
    • HA (High Availability)
    • Resilience
    • DR (Disaster Recovery)
    • Load Testing + Optimisation
    • Capacity Planning
    • Scaling at various levels (horizontal vs vertical and levels . containers / services / nodes/ data-centres)
    • Auto-Scaling 
  • Hands-on implementation of:
    • Monitoring
      • Including log forwarding / processing / extracting / dashboards
      • Splunk / ELK
      • Working with developers to ensure they output appropriate logs in consistent format
    • Metri
      • And collection / aggregation thereof via . Prometheus
    • Alerting 
      • Based on metrilog patterns / other criteria
      • Able to identify what is worthy of an alert and also ensure that no excess alerts are raised
      • Appreciates the benefits of a managed or self-patching OS versus the operational overhead of "traditional" Operating Systems
      • Can proactively help teams achieve 12 factor apps
      • A background which ideally includes some SysOps or Linux System Administration in productive environments 

Nice to Have:

  • Skills ideally include some understanding of modern Java + Scala development, but we are not looking for a developer 
  • Ability to provide concise, technically-correct answers/solutions
  • Understanding of
    • VPN
    • SSH Jump Nodes
    • Cloud-based virtual network security (. NSG rules)
    • Proxies (Reverse + Forward, also for injection of credentials and for simplified routing and/or SSL offload)
    • Can clearly educate others on how best to develop + operate any solution
    • Acknowledges the important of real security (Note: Likely impossible to verify from a CV unless they have a high calibre qualification such as CEH or CISSP)
    • Appreciates the advantages of pure / real Scrum versus general agile approaches plus an understanding of Kanban


  • One of Cologne's best and friendliest employers
  • Lots of room and design options for your ideas
  • Individual training program and certifications dedicated to your career
  • Exciting and adventurous projects with well-known clients
  • Good development opportunities in an innovative company with a process-oriented organization
  • A pleasant and well organized team-working atmosphere
  • Using our digital laboratory to develop creative ideas using the latest technologies