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Ideal Candidate
We are currently looking for experienced electro-technicians for our next projects in UE (Germany, Poland, UK, Sweden) and overseas (China, Russia). We are able to employee directly the candidates or work through a cooperation/partnership.
Dynamic and open minded people, 24 to 40 years, willing to travel and to explore the world in an unarguably technical manner, able for sustained intellectual effort, ambitious, with great desire to learn and achieve more, with ability to integrate in new teams and blend easily in new working environments, adaptability to a multicultural environment, possible adventurous personality, with a high resistance to stress - that is the image of the candidate that is interesting to us.
The candidate should have:
- Experience with electro installations in factories, industrial objects
- Ability to read technical drawings
- Experience with installation of electrical panels, devices, making cable ways, pulling cables
- Ability to work in heights (scaffoldings)
Ability to read and interpret mechanical, electrical, and electronic prints/layouts and other related technical documentation.
Foreign language: English, conversational level required; German language is an advantage.

Job description:
- electro-installation works
- pulling cables
- making cable ways
- connecting and building of electrical panels
- connecting different devices
- commissioning of systems

Place of work: the whole world, instead of a regular workplace residence. Mainly EU countries, also China, Russia.

  • Work in secure areas such as Europe, Asia etc.
  • Work with standards of multinationals.
  • Initial training in management systems and technologies specific to customer.
  • Wage assessment by professional experience and performance.
  • Opportunity for further education in the development of PLC/HMI/SCADA applications.
  • Fulfilment in an environment without discrimination.
  • Challenge to prove yourself in difficult situations, bringing a rich professional and life experience.


Representing a german company with over 15 years experience in various engineering domains, from Oil&Gas to Special Vehicles and Food Industry. Current activity: Software Outsourcing in Automotive Industry. Work location: all over the world (main projects in Germany, China, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, also Romania). Projects with prestigious names in the Automotive Industry, mainly VW, Daimler AG, AUDI AG, FIAT and various Chinese corporations as final customers; and Güdel, Bleichert Automation and MAG as Project Integrators.

Company type: medium. Company's engineering experience: vast.

Main domain: Automation Engineering - Automotive

Extra domains: Food Industry, Energy

Activity: Software Outsourcing and Electrical Design

Work location: Projects all over the world