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Tecknoworks is a fast growing IT company producing software for some of the most successful companies in the World.

We have developed here an inspiring environment where we encourage people to be curios and fearless, to learn and try something new every day. We are driven by our passion for technology. We embrace challenges and we are excited to be able to contribute to our customers' success by providing the best technology, an amazing experience and an inspiring collaboration.

Over the 15 years since we have been in business, we had the opportunity not only to learn about programming and technology, but also get involved, work and learn about different interesting industries and business domains like healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, logistics, retail, mining and so on.

If you're a very well organized person, curios and passionate, amazing team player and enjoy working in an energetic and fun environment, please contact us immediately. Like every employee, you'll benefit from Tecknoworks' coaching and people development program which ensures that everyone in Tecknoworks has the best possibilities for a happy and successful career!
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