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Idrive, Inc. is an independent developer of semi-autonomous vehicle intelligence, providing a fleet management system at the cutting-edge of technology, powered by artificial intelligence, advanced self-learning algorithms, machine learning, and offering predictive analytics and insights. The predictive analytical models it generates are based on statistical modeling, behavior modeling, and pattern recognition. The X2 dual-camera captures relevant and important events that impact the company’s assets. Every 2 minutes the system is updated with data generated: speed of the vehicle, location, route, idle time, who is driving the vehicle, alerts on possible accidents. The camera features intelligent applications like Facial Recognition, Distracted Driving Detection, Fatigue Detection, Seatbelt Detection, Safe Distance Warning. The Global Center platform absorbs the data from the camera and creates reports on drivers and vehicles and the incidents that have occurred, creating the possibility of an effortless management.

What we offer:

  • You will work on high-technology projects with the best team in development and engineering;
  • Enjoy an attractive compensation package with excellent benefits;
  • Most importantly, have a fulfilling career in development

We are the best in the world at what we do and we are looking for qualified people to join our team.