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Play is the path to genuine product engagement – which is why, for the past 15 years, we have been helping brands like Philips, Marks & Spencer, and Audi entice consumers to get to know their products through photorealistic CG visualizations, interactive 3D models, and virtual worlds. INDG’s technology allows buyers to explore coffee machines, furniture, gadgets, and more from every angle, inside and out.

We want anyone with a screen to be able to crawl inside the workings of a washing machine, dissect an electric shaver, or customize entire rooms they can “walk through” online. Through augmented reality, buyers can even see what those products would look like in the real world. Using a tablet camera, they can “hang” a virtual TV on their wall or try out a designer chair in their living room. Our CG artists and interactive designers and developers focus on making sure the pixel-by pixel perfect products merge so seamlessly and realistically into their intended environments that they reflect the ray of sunshine or the freckled light of the rain outside. Yes, at INDG we geek out to sexy technology, but behind the bits and bytes is an obsessive drive to design sophisticated and lasting digital experiences.

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