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Tartu, Estland

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eAgronom brings farmers to the digital age. It is used by farmers who want to grow crops more efficiently and environmentally friendly way. It achieves that by providing farmers a platform where they can run their entire company - planning, analytics and workflows. All in one.

We have raised 3m EUR from our customers, Angels, and VCs. Our investors have invested or built companies like Bolt, Pipedrive, Veriff, VitalFields (AgTech exit), etc. Currently we are a 75+ people strong team with alumnies from companies like Transferwise, HeapAnalytics, Stripe, Bolt, Nike, ...

We help each-other to reach the next level with both your career and personal lifeStenver said he has learned more in 2 years of working at eAgronom, than at any other company he has ever worked before. eAgronom is like a professional sports team. We select the people who can join our club carefully, and then we do our utmost to help them become successful.

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