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Crossover is redefining the way people work. A future where all high-skill jobs go to the cloud and big-data is used to help individuals and teams become more and more productive. Brick and mortar offices are history. The future of our workforce is global and will be built from teams collaborating from every corner of the world. We have embarked on an expedition to find and engage with that talent and are now in over 108 different countries. Crossover has developed a unique method of finding, curating, and managing cloud talent. Our platform connects customers to the world’s best people for both technical and non-technical jobs. But we don’t just find the best, we also provide the tools, training, and relationship building support to ensure success for long term growth.

Crossover (also known as Crossover for Work) not only connects companies to the best, high-skill talent around the world, but also helps them manage, pay, and increase the productivity of that talent.

Meet the CEO:

Andy Tryba

Andy has spent the last 15 years as CEO of multiple successful startups, Director of Strategy at Intel Corporation, and advisor to the US White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent. The common thread in all of these positions is his passion to drive the ‘futureof work’ in a global, interconnected society. Andy passionately believes that by enabling high-skill jobs growth, we can raise the standard of living across the globe. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Business Administration from Rice University.

Jobs pay the bills. High paying jobs, however, raise families’ standard of living, enable parents to pay for their kids to go to college, drive the ability to save for retirement, and increase the velocity of money in local economies. We believe that there are few things more noble than being able to connect talented individuals around the world to high paying jobs.

We are a mission-driven company, believing that by providing high paying jobs to the top talent around the world will transform the global society in a profound and positive way.

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