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CompuGroup Medical delivers important software to improve health and the quality of life.
We build bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab & care facilities and hospitals and help them to optimally treat people.

Upholding health
To increasingly understand and simplify the work of all medical care providers is our goal. For over 25 years, we have supported our customers in storing, exchanging, and requesting information and knowledge securely. In this way, we unburden them allowing more time for what is most important: their patients.

Understanding what makes a difference in the healthcare sector
CompGroup Medical has many years of market experience and close contact with its userscustomers with products in more than 40 countries worldwide have put their trust in us. This unique coverage is required to effectively implement technological and medical progress into practice.

The history of CompuGroup Medical SE began 25 years ago. In the early days of the industry, the computer scientist, Frank Gotthardt, recognized the benefits of software for the healthcare sector: doctors would rather use their power for healing than waste time with administrative tasks. His calling then became clear to him: to make medical IT successful to improve treatment for all people.
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